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Company Brent-oil

"Trade House« Brent Oil »is the official exclusive distributor of lubricants production of Oman Netherlands. The head office is located in Dnepropetrovsk.

We sell a full range of oils, fluids and greases for industrial and industrial areas. Oils for heavy commercial, agricultural and road machinery. Always available for small-engine and transmission oils.

History OMAN started in the twenties of the last century, when American corporation Atlantic Refining began to expand the area of ​​its activities in Europe and has established branches in the Netherlands and Belgium. The very name of the company Olie Maatschappij Anglo Nederland bv (OMAN) emerged in 1953 after the company Atlantic Refining has sold part of its European business corporation British Petroleum (BP).

In 1997, with the formation of a joint venture of BP and Mobil in Europe, OMAN became part of Mobil Europe Lubricants Organization and producing oil for BP and Mobil simultaneously. Subsequently, a joint venture was dissolved, and thanks to the merger of oil company Exxon Mobil from all over the world, the company passed into the hands OMAN concern Exxon Mobil and became a manufacturer of oils and lubricants of the brand.

In 2001, Herbert Meyer - a former top manager of Mobil - OMAN buys the company and became an independent producer's own brand of oils and greases.

The company now OMAN is a major manufacturer and supplier to the European market base oils, automotive, industrial, marine, and other specialty oils, greases, fluids and car care products.

The plant OMAN - this is a super-modern hi-tech production refinery located in the center of the oil industry of the Netherlands in Rotterdam. The quality of products is confirmed by international certificate ISO 9001.

OMAN marketing strategy is focused on manufacturing the highest quality (top of the line products), using advanced and innovative technologies.

Under an agreement with Exxon Mobile oil OMAN manufacturing process technology produced on the equipment and the use of base oils and additives specified world's largest manufacturer of oils. Specifications and quality of the products based on the same standards. Therefore OMAN ensure full compliance of its products standards and tolerances manufacturers (OEM).

Since "Trade House« Brent Oil »is the only supplier of lubricants Omanl throughout Ukraine, in our warehouses in permanently stored and the necessary full range of stocks of finished products, which allows us to quickly and efficiently provide both small and large customers. We also razvivavem direrskuyu network priglazhaem our products and to cooperate.

We have our own transportation, which greatly facilitates the delivery of goods to customers.

Our company not only supplies you with lubricants Oman, corresponding to your needs, we also offer a range of services associated with lubricants such as production according to your specifications and requirements, monitoring of oil storage solutions oils, testing and training.

We have a staff of experienced sales and technical support for lubricants Oman. Our specialists will assist in solving the problems and offer ideas on many issues related to the application of lubricants Oman.

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